Strategic Consulting

Solving challenges at each stage of the member journey with a comprehensive evidence-based, approach helping accelerate improvement, satisfaction, star ratings and CAHPS performance.

Member-Centric Approach to Accelerate Improvement 

Member acquisition, engagement, and retention are critical to achieving best-in-class performance. SPH’s strategic consultants work with health plans to cut through the complexity and take action to improve the member experience with a data-driven approach to consulting. 

Leveraging predictive analytics and the SPH Analytics benchmark of CAHPS® data, representing 85% of Medicare Advantage plans, 90% of Marketplace plans, and 70% of Commercial and Medicaid plans, we have the unique data assets and expertise to help you improve scores and ratings ahead of the competition.

The answers lie in the data and member feedback your organization is already collecting throughout the member journey.

Member Journey

Onboarding- Information and timeline; Communication outreach at 30, 60, 90 days. Building Relationships Understanding Information; plan information Correspondence, Easy to reach customer service. Quality of Care Participating providers, Coverage; preventive care; care gap closure, participating PCP. Billing - Understanding Billing; premium/billing/autopay set up; premium changes; understand bill. Access to care - Ease of contacting clinics, Access overall, appointment scheduling; referrals; Provider relations; network management
The Member Journey Path

By taking insights from member feedback, interaction with the health plan, and behaviors, SPH’s Strategic Consulting can bring informed guidance that develops actionable, sustainable improvement that in turn drive measurable change.  Read more about Strategic Consulting, or contact us here to discuss a program for your plan.

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For more than three decades, SPH Analytics has helped healthcare organizations improve the experience and engagement of their patients and members. Contact us to discuss a program for your plan.

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