Nexus Platform

Data Platform


Utilizing an extensive set of common information technology and health care specific data formats, SPH consumes data from all available healthcare technology systems.

  • SPH’s Web service/API infrastructure allow for the extraction of data from any cloud-based system.
  • SPH utilizes various technology frameworks, in addition to Web Services, to retrieve data from common EHR/PM systems from Epic, Cerner, GE Centricity, Allscripts, Amazing Charts, Greenway, Healthland, McKesson Horizon, Medent, NextGen, Wellcentive and eClinicalWorks to name a few.
  • SPH’s wealth of health care data experience utilizing its in-house toolset can extract data from any well formatted data set

Data Transformation & Enrichment

At the heart of the Nexus Platform is SPH’s award winning Data Transformation engine that translates the collection of disparate customer data into precise, actionable indicators used by our customers to improve profitability while meaningfully improving the health of our customers’ individual patients and members. Both best in class and in-house, proprietary data augmentation, improvement and consolidation tools are used in the Nexus Platform to accelerate value to our customers.

[ico type="icon-diamond-line"]Innovative Three Facet™ Data Mining

The Nexus Platform is an innovative solution that uses a Three Facet™ data mining approach to retrieve healthcare data from providers, practices, and/or hospitals. The Nexus Platform utilizes interoperability standards and/or direct database integration and a sophisticated technological framework to obtain:
  • Quality data codes
  • All types of codified data
  • Text-based data
The Nexus Platform retrieves and stores the data from these disparate sources and maps it all to a standard set of codes. The data is aggregated with a per member or per patient methodology to:
  • Stratify the population data appropriately
  • Analyze quality and cost
  • Quickly identify care gaps and prioritize them based on risk of the patient
This valuable collection of data can be made available within SPH’s Nexus application, or it can also be exported to client databases or data warehouses. SPH’s innovative Nexus Platform gives healthcare organizations a powerful resource for collecting and analyzing data for highly meaningful use. Contact SPH Analytics for a guided demo of our Nexus Platform.