he long term success of a regional or state-wide health information exchange (HIE) is largely driven by the value derived from aggregated or exchanged EHR data by its participants – i.e. whether the price of participating in the HIE generates enough benefit.  Very commonly, participants are hospitals, physicians, and care coordinators, and their primary use case is alerts about inpatient and ER admissions and discharges.  Another use case is access to a longitudinal medical record displaying a patient’s record aggregated from multiple providers.

While both of these use cases are valuable, they are often not enough to move the needle significantly on adoption by clinicians of HIEs.  If the rich data feeding into the HIE is able to be stored discretely and normalized, then a wealth of useful applications for providers and payers can be applied on top.  SPH Analytics provides several solutions to add value to HIEs and leverage the power of the stored data to help participants thrive in value-based reimbursement programs.  SPH Analytics can:

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